PSG Official Statement on Vaccine Issue

PSG Official Statement on Vaccine Issue

PSG is the primary unit of the AFP that is mandated to protect the nation’s highest leader. With the current pandemic, PSG needs to ensure that they are not themselves threat to the President’s health and safety. As such the PSG administered COVID-19 vaccine to its personnel performing close-in security operations to the President.

National security imposes the protection of the President being the Commander in-Chief from all forms of threat, especially COVID-19, in order to preserve the stability of our nation. It is PSG’s primordial task to ensure that we have a healthy President serving our fellow Filipinos everyday.

We are in a state of war, a war against COVID-19. War compels us to survive as what we are now doing in this pandemic. As such, PSG exploits all means in order to deliver its mandate as what is highly expected of them by the Filipino people.

However, we can’t speak in behalf of the vaccine and its effectiveness. COVID-19 is a first in history, and the whole world is hopeful in developing and obtaining the perfect vaccine. PSG’s decision to take the risk is a courageous step that greatly supports its mandate. We did it not for personal agenda but on a greater pursuit that is even way beyond our mission of protecting our President.

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