The Value of Little Change

Each day change also occurs within and among us. As an individual we change in different aspects – physically, spiritually and emotionally. We continue to learn, at times even learning from our own mistakes, we become tough through experience, we work, we strive – all these are forms of change. In life, “Nothing is permanent in this world except change.”

A new President ushers in a new administration, a changing of the system, new officers, new faces in the work place, etc., all happening even in our organization. There is no change if everything will remain as it is.

President Rodrigo R. Duterte promised a six (6) month period to end this country’s dilemma on illegal drugs, however, he himself upon assumption as President was shocked at the magnitude of the problem (4M addicts) and how it is destroying our country. If changing oneself is hard what more transforming a nation?

“It takes years for a tiny seed
to become a TREE”

The herculean efforts of the President to solve the drug problem, stop corruption, and end criminality are obvious. Filipinos are contented with his performance but must do their share.

D – Do our duty as Filipino citizens
U – Unite (one nation, one goal for the better)
T – Train ourselves to maximize learning experiences
E – Eliminate what isn’t helpful for personal growth
R – Remain resilient despite challenges
T – Trust the government
E – Enjoy doing good

With that, we will be contributors of change and the Filipino nation will:

R – Rise again
O – Overcome massive challenges
D – Defeat struggles
R – Restore Filipino pride and dignity
I – Influence other countries
G – Grow and progress continuosly
O – Or, even more …

Change is achievable. Have you done your part as a Filipino citizen? What will you contribute to change for the good of our beloved country? In all these, one thing stands out – our allegiance to our flag and love of Country!

“Like seeds that are destined to grow
despite the storms and droughts,
in God’s time, the change we strive for and seek
shall be achieved.
Be patient my friend. Just keep on planting good seeds
and in no time the harvest awaits us.”

Today, while our country may not be at its best, Change is on the way!

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