Change Has Come

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin

Humanity is an ever-evolving subject. Our lives have been continuously developing from simple arrangements to more complicated situations. Charles Darwin’s concept of natural selection defines a practical application for today’s organizations that are constantly faced with emerging challenges. Organizations that better adapted themselves to an ever-changing environment are more rewarded by nature toward success. As T. Falcon Napier puts it:

Change is the central activity of the human experience. It is at the heart of every relationship and the purpose of every job.”

Every individual as a significant member of any group should learn how to embrace change because anyone who resists change will lose the opportunity to learn new ideas and processes.

And so in the military and the security forces, change is also inevitable. The call of time involves overcoming obstacles that challenge traditional organizational management. Change management in any organization as always does not come easy. It should come from the top level of management that will provide encouragement, guidance, and inspiration as the organization navigates the journey of change and new ideas.

President Rodrigo Duterte provides the political will to achieve positive change. However challenging, he will see it that he can make it happen. When the status quo is challenged to rock, tension is created. A lot of people who resist change may become uncomfortable. But it is the very nature of change, situations may become difficult because the ways we were used to have now been shaken. We are faced with a critical decision whether we embrace or resist it. No matter how experts and analysts would interpret our President’s treatment on dealing with our country’s challenges, we cannot deny the fact that positive change has truly come.

We are now feeling positive changes in our organization, even in the Presidential Security Group. A dynamic leadership of innovative officers, who are ready to embrace change for the better, drives the organization. With the advent of advanced technological revolution including information technology, social media and online engagements that affect public sentiments, we are now embracing a non-traditional way of dealing with challenges in fulfilling our mandate, which is

to protect the President to the best of our abilities with the highest sense of courage, valor, and patriotism.”

Now is the best opportune time to shine. As different individuals in PSG, we may respond differently to change. But we are one and united in embracing further development and moving our organization to higher grounds. Within PSG, we treat change as an opportunity. Let’s make the most of it.

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