Dr. Suntay turns over Hardin ng Lunas to PSG’s care

Manila — Hardin ng Lunas sa PSG was turned over by Dr. Isa Cojuangco-Suntay to outgoing Presidential Security Group (PSG) Commander BGEN ROLANDO JOSELITO D BAUTISTA AFP and PSG Chief of Staff COL POTENCIANO C CAMBA PA earlier today at PSG Compound.

The Hardin ng Lunas in PSG was launched last February 06, 2017, to realize that urban gardening is an efficient way on land utilization, and encourage their families as well use their idle time and space to produce their own food and minimize their expenses with the help of Dr. Suntay and Tarlac Heritage Foundation, Inc.—a non-government organization interested in the collection, preservation, and conservation of the heritage of the Province of Tarlac.

Relatedly, the project does not only aim to help our Troopers but also our nearby communities by sharing the harvest to less fortunate neighbors living around Malacañang. Assorted vegetables and root crops such as mustard, water spinach, cabbage, and okra are planted at the present in PSG’s Hardin ng Lunas.

BGEN BAUTISTA and COL CAMBA also expressed their appreciation to Dr. Suntay for her utmost support to PSG’s projects.

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