COL DAGOY leads harvest at PSG Hardin ng Lunas

COL LOPE C DAGOY AFP reiterated to PSG Troopers to start living a healthier life by minimizing consumption of meat during the harvesting time at the PSG Hardin ng Lunas last April 03, 2017.

After two months of patiently waiting, the plants planted late last year during the launch of PSG Hardin ng Lunas were ready for harvesting and be served on every family’s table in PSG Compund to provide enough organic vitamins and minerals for healthier mind and body. These plants include mustard, water spinach and okra.

The PSG Hardin ng Lunas launched in February 06 this year and in just a short period PSG Troopers can literally reap what they sow. This is under the maintenance and care now of PSG headed by Group Commander COL LOPE C DAGOY AFP after Dr. Isa Cojuangco Suntay turned over the responsibility to maintain it last March 23, 2017. COL POTENCIANO C CAMBA was also present during the ceremonial harvest, who also genuinely supports organic vegetable farming and sustainable urban gardening.

PSG Troopers, along with the members of Enlisted Personnel (EP) Ladies Club, are expected to plant another set of plants in the Hardin so the PSG community can maintain food sustainability and healthy living at the same.

And we hope for another bountiful harvest after two or three months.

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