PRRD pays tribute to WWII veterans on Day of Valor commemoration

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, personally visited Mt. Samat in Bataan last April 09, 2023 to give honor to the Filipinos who have fought for our freedom seventy five years ago.

April 9 has become a date memorable not only to the citizens of Bataan but also to Filipinos all over the world. Seventy five years may have passed since Bataan surrendered to colonizers but the courage and valor of Filipino heroes during the World War II remain deeply rooted in the history of the Filipino nation.

The ceremony is a way to appreciate the efforts of our veterans, may they be still alive or have passed away, to save the country’s freedom from colonizers.

In President Duterte’s speech, he mandated the Department of Budget Management and the Deparment of National defense to expedite the release of 641B budget for pensioners and retirees.

He also reminded the youth to never forget the sacrifices of our WWII heroes by saying, “I ask our young people today to look at your elders with much respect and to view them with a deep sense of thanks. Take a time to recognize them because what I say is not right, it is the truth. Without them, we will not be here.”

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