SRU feasts for its 29 years

Special Reaction Unit (SRU) of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) was early on hype yesterday, 11 July, as they started celebrating their 29th anniversary with a fun run before sunrise.

This unit is one of the reasons why PSG stands firm and untouched in every engagement for the past 29 years. They are the men and women of the Command who act as the main counter-terrorists the unit with the help of state-of-the-art defense and offense equipment like Accuracy International A1 Sniper Rifle, world-class K-9 units, and highly trained humanware ready to defend the President and his first family, visiting heads of state/government, and the seat of the government.

All its teams including  OpCon units SAF-PNP (81st SAC) and 5th Light Reaction Company actively participated in their celebration. PSG Commander BGEN LOPE C DAGOY AFP and Chief of Staff COL POTENCIANO C CAMBA (PA), joined by officers, attended the ceremonial blessing of the new office of Commanding Officer and new set of equipment procured for the unit to maintain its best performance in every mission.

Its new Unit Commander, CDR JULIEN DOLOR (PN) headed the celebration of SRU’S 29th year. Congratulations SRU!

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