CGSP rescues a life

As Coast Guard Station Pasig (CGSP) performs its duties to protect the President through constant maritime patrol along the Malacañang Restricted Area (MRA), our troopers never forget to also care for the others’ lives.

During their patrol along MRA last 12 July, a citizen named Joyce Mangawang, female, 35 years old and presently residing at Sampaloc Manila, was saved as she was seen seeking for help along Pasig River at Nagtahan Bridge.

PSG troopers from CGSP immediately responded to save her life and brought her to PSG Station Hospital for a series of medical examinations to ensure she is free from any injuries.

She was immediately fetched by her mother at the hospital after tests were done.

“Aside from being a part of PSG, we also exist to make sure that everyone is safe along the waters of MRA. I am sure this is also what our President wants, to do good for the Filipino people,” ENS Mizar Cumbe said.

The rescued citizen has already been discharged from the hospital and has been found to be of good medical condition.

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