PNP: No giving up with war on drugs

PNP: No giving up with war on drugs

The Philippine National Police (PNP) takes President Rodrigo Duterte’s words as motivation to be do more and better in their war on drugs.


President Duterte mentioned in an interview, “Hindi makaya nga ng iba, tayo pa kaya? Iyong drugs na iyan, we can’t control it.”


But PNP Regional Director Jose Mario Espino said it is said by the President to motivate them and not to imply on giving up. He interpreted, “Pag-pronounce na we can’t control drugs, hinahantulad nya yun sa Amerika na hindi na-control ang drugs. We take into context na yung pulis will never say die or surrender sa paglaban sa droga kasi mapipigilan natin yung droga.”


It is a given fact that the President is fond of using figurative speech and this has been his trademark. This is why Espino was very positive in understanding between PRRD’s lines.


War on drugs in the Philippines shall never cease because drugs destroy lives of the Filipinos in all aspects.

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