MMDA clears Malacañang Complex

MMDA clears Malacañang Complex

Three (3) barangay posts including several business establishments with no permit along the sidewalks in Malacañang Complex were demolished yesterday, 23 November 2017.

As part of the clearing operations of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the clearing operation was led by its Chairman General Danilo Lim.

Presidential Security Group (PSG) also joined MMDA during the clearing operation. According to COL POTENCIANO C CAMBA PA of the Presidential Security Group, “We want to make Malacañang Complex a model community that is secured orderly and clean.”

Mr. Bong Nebrija of MMDA Task Force Kapit Bisig said it is about time to change our old ways in implementing their operations and “the only way to succeed is to sustain” every project.

COL CAMBA PA added, “Some of them have already been in the sidewalks for decades and we are one with MMDA in their pursuit to make all roads, especially here in Malacañang Complex, clear and safe to all.”

PSG is now on its process to help in relocating these barangay posts so public servants will have a better place to serve the people living in the vicinity of Malacañang, the seat of Philippine government.

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