A New Class of the Protectors of Change

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) formally opened the VIP Protection Course (VIPPC) in Davao City. The ceremony, held last June 28, 2018, was attended by the newly appointed PSG Commander, COLONEL JOSE ERIEL M NEIMBRA (GSC) PA together with his Staff.

According to the Group Commander, there are two main reasons why the command decided to carry out the training in Davao. “Our training school in Manila is under reconstruction. The improvement on our training facilities will greatly help in enhancing the necessary skills of our troops as protectors. It will also contribute to the overall standard of the PSG as it prospers and endures through the new challenges over time. On the other hand, the personnel undergoing the said course could act as augmentation forces to the existing strength of PSG troops in the area.”, he said during the ceremony.

VIPPC Class 115 is the first batch under his Command. It is also the very first VIP course to be held at the PSG base located in Davao. The course, which is usually conducted in Manila, is a key element for the  personnel who are aspiring to become protectors of the President, the first family, and other dignitaries.

Ever since President Duterte won the election last 2016, he has been very busy with local engagements, especially within Mindanao - he is also the first elected president from there. Thus, he and his family equally give importance to their endeavors in the island, as some of the areas have never been visited by former presidents.

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