121 Years of Selfless Service and Dedication to Duty

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) is now on its 121st year. The years of services filled with dedication and honor was commemorated through a simple, yet meaningful ceremony last July 3, 2018.

The said event was graced by the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, GENERAL CARLITO G. GALVEZ JR, who served as the Guest of Honor and Speaker. Also, some of the former PSG commanders, members of the Joint Staff, and all the 24 Barangay Chairmen of the Malacañang Complex were present.

The PSG troops showcased their capabilities through various static displays and demonstrations from the different units.

Special Reaction Unit (SRU)

The Special Reaction Unit is a tactical unit which is tasked to conduct Special Operations; in support to the PSG’s mission, to protect the President, the first family, and other dignitaries.


Presidential Escort (PE)

The Presidential Escorts are the ones who accompany the President and other VIPs during the engagements. They serve as the close-in security.


K9 Unit

One of the most essential units of SRU is the K9 unit. They are capable of conducting bomb detections using the trained dogs.


Combative Demonstration

The PSG troops are well-trained in Pekiti Tirsia Kali martial arts, which make them capable in offensive and counter offensive measures during close quarter encounters.


Police Protection Security

The Crowd Dispersal Management is also another capability of the PSG, particularly the police protection security force unit.



Lastly, the PSG is very capable of handling convoys where VIPs are concerned. This is a very important skill for the troops, most notably as the President is always out and about for his local and foreign engagements.

Another highlight of the ceremony was the awarding for the different stakeholders that became partners of the PSG on their different endeavors, and commendations for the employees who have excelled in their services – for both civilian and uniformed personnel.

“But regardless of these changes in our size and name, one thing remains the same – our mission; to protect our president and his family. Hence, wherever we are, whatever task we have, let us go back to this basic mandate.” said COLONEL JOSE ERIEL M NIEMBRA (GSC) PA, the PSG Commander.


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