PSG for MALBAR 2018

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) hosted a simple fellowship for the Malacañang League of Barangays (MALBAR) where they elected their new set of Officers last Tuesday, August 07, 2018.

Here is the list of the newly-elected Officers of MALBAR 2018:

President: Punong Barangay Rey Floro
Vice President: Punong Barangay Ronald Taray
Secretary: Punong Barangay Danilo Sambueno
Treasurer: Punong Barangay Mayeth Siose
Auditor: Punong Barangay Emilia Enriquez
PRO: Punong Barangay Alvin Bassig
Seargent at Arms:
Punong Barangay Efren Medina
Punong Barangay Eustaquio Balaguer
Punong Barangay Jose Linghon

MALBAR is an association composed of the 22 barangays surrounding the Malacañang Complex. They are the partners of PSG in ensuring safety, security and community development in the area especially that they are located at the peripheries of the seat of government.

The PSG Group Commander, COL JOSE ERIEL M NIEMBRA administered the said activity with an oath taking of the newly-elected officers. “We are all part of a community. It is a must that we help each other for our welfare and development. Let us work together in serving our purpose.” he said during the ceremony.

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