Leadership Training 2018 for PSG

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) conducted a Leadership Seminar last September 20, 2018. The said activity was organized by the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel (G1), in order to pursue the character enhancement of the PSG Troopers. Topics about Ethos of the Armed Service, Integrity, and Excellence at the workplace were tackled.

Retired COL MICHAEL C MORALES PhD, the Director for Military Life, of the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) was the Resource Speaker of the seminar. He was accompanied by graduates and students of the said institution.

The participants also learned during the activity how to become effective leaders and followers in order to raise their standards at work, while putting in mind that an excellent moral compass would ultimately lead to greater virtues.

The said activity is timely, as being a PSG Trooper does not only require pure brawn and quickness of wit, but a display of excellent character above all. This activity is like a refresher course, which helps the troops in remembering the moral nature and purpose of the Armed Service that was first inculcated to them during military training.



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