PSG advocates for a Better Social Media Environment

The Digital Times is a fast-paced era, where information can be accessed in a mere swipe of our finger. A lot of digital platforms are used in order to connect with one another. All of this is ever evolving and changing, keeping up with technological advancement of the information age.

Hence, the Presidential Security Group (PSG) has morphed throughout the years. The organization is not just a mere unit that provides security to the highest government officials in our country and other dignitaries. PSG also embraces and advocates change, as much as it is part in nation building.

It is in this premise that PSG realized how information support operations can be vital in influencing and changing the behavior of the public for smoother security operations and ultimately, in helping the government institute the necessary change that will benefit our country and fellow Filipino citizens.

As protectors and advocates of change, providing truthful and relevant information to the public is also part of our duty. With this, PSG organized a Civil Military Operations (CMO) Capability Development Seminar last October 4, 2018. The said activity was participated by the personnel and civilian employees of PSG.

This is one way to develop and capacitate them with basic CMO skills, in order to cope up with the digital age of information. Specifically, the seminar tackled topics such as News and Feature Writing, Basic Digital Photography, and Media Relations.



The need for such is truly relevant as there are countless issues nowadays which demand accurate facts, quality content, and ethical standards in terms of what we all share in the world wide web. As a result, the participants were taught how to write factual articles, produce quality photos, post/share valuable content on the internet, and properly engage our stakeholders involved during security operations; most especially as members and representatives of this esteemed unit.

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