Boracay: A Renewed World-Class Attraction

The Boracay island reopens today after President Rodrigo Duterte instructed the authorities for its shut down six months ago.

In line with this, the Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force headed by Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Roy A Cimato, was formed to focus on rehabilitating the island because of several water sewerage problems of business establishments in the area. Since 26 April 2018, the police and military were on guard and made sure that no tourist would be allowed until the problem is fixed.

The residents who have been affected were all assisted by the Department of Social Welfare and Development during the period when they have no source of income. Business owners have also been cooperative with the authorities as they all joined hands during the rehabilitation.

Today, the administration succeeded with its goal to rehabilitate the island and bring back its beauty with pristine waters; ready to deserve its title again as the world’s best island.

During its reopening ceremony, KT Telecom was also appreciated after having discussions with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PRRD) to make the island “truly a whole new, safe, and intelligent Boracay”. They will be providing city WiFi, CCTVs, photo boutique, solar panels, smart school, E-health project, and Central Command Center.

Also, 32 Environmental Law Enforcers took their oath today as watchdogs to maintain cleanliness in the area in cooperation with KaligKasan Volunteers by Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force. This is to make sure that environmental rules and regulations are implanted to protect and preserve the world-class resources of the island.

It could not have happened if President Duterte was not firm enough with his will to rehabilitate Boracay. The local government of Aklan has been very appreciative to President Duterte for this change he initiated. “Thank you PRRD for your political will,” said Governor Miraflores of Aklan. Additionally, he told the world, “Come and see for yourself a better Boracay.”

Indeed—one by one, step by step—change is coming. It’s more fun in Boracay! It’s more fun in the Philippines!



By: Chissan Balderas

Photo: DENR

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