PSG troopers welcome 2019

PSG troopers welcome 2019

The year 2019 has just kicked in and everyone is looking forward to everything that is better and brighter. And the protectors of our nation’s chief executive also do.

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) under the leadership of COL JOSE ERIEL NIEMBRA (GSC) PA gathered together last 10 January 2024 in their traditional New Year’s Call to kickstart this year’s challenges and responsibilities.

This is also a fitting time to recognize their past year’s achievements and renew their passion to the service. Officers and key non-commissioned officers together with their respective spouses were present on the said event to show their moral support to the Command and their mandate to protect the President at all costs.

A Command conference followed after the call wherein COLONEL NIEMBRA gave his command guidance to all the staff and unit commanders to set the tone for PSG’s mandate this 2019.

“We are aware how passionate our President is, so I urge everyone to show equal passion if not exceed it so that we’ll be able to perform our mandate beyond excellence,” says the PSG Group Commander.

A peaceful and blessed 2019 to all!

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