PSG celebrates Feast of Santo Niño

PSG celebrates Feast of Santo Niño

The sole unit tasked to protect the President and his family celebrated the Feast of Santo Niño last 30 January 2024 at Presidential Security Group headquarters in Malacañang Park, Manila.

With their daily strenuous activities connected to their mandate, the PSG troopers and their dependents took a respite to value their faith as Christians through this festive event. It started off with a mass and was later on followed by parade and festival dance competition.

Among the contenders were organic and operationally controlled units as well as their dependents. It was surprisingly a tough competition among the three groups considering their varied schedule at work and a very short period for their preparation and rehearsals. Team Organic was declared the champion for the competition, giving them a back-to-back reign.

COL JOSE ERIEL NIEMBRA PA (GSC) emphasized the importance of including religious values in performing PSG’s significant task. He additionally mentioned, “This celebration is also a time for our families.”

The Command’s celebration of the Feast of Santo Niño was also a good way to spend time with families especially that it was joined by PSG dependents. This way, PSG Troopers can make up for the lost time away from their own families in the performance of their sworn duties.

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