PSG Catalysts commend troopers

PSG Catalysts commend troopers

The Special Reaction Unit (SRU) of Presidential Security Group, also known as “Catalysts” joined together in a boodlefight amidst their busy schedule in protecting the President to laud the troopers for their excellent service not only to the Command but more importantly to the President and the Filipino people as a whole.

PSG Chief of Staff COL FREDDIE T DELA CRUZ PA was present in the said celebration along with the other officers of the Command.

Birthday celebrators were recognized and retirees were also given awards for their sacrifices being one of those who have the most life-threatening responsibilities as covert troopers ready to offer their lives just to protect the highest chief executive of this nation.

COMMANDER JULIEN DOLOR PN, chief of SRU, told the Catalysts, “We are doing this to improve our personal and professional relationship among ourselves but also to bolster our ties with our friends and colleagues within the Command. This is also to give importance, and to honor the sacrifices of our colleagues who serve with us for so many years.”

Thank you for your sacrifices, PSG SRU. Way to go, Catalysts!

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