PRRD hits “very good” rating among Filipinos

PRRD hits “very good” rating among Filipinos

Three years. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has already been serving the Filipino nation as the President of the Republic for three years now and is halfway of his term, yet, people continue to be satisfied with his leadership and service amidst all the issues thrown against him.

In the latest survey of Social Weather Stations (SWS) conducted last 28-31 March 2019, the overall net satisfaction of Filipinos to him as the President climbed up to +66 percent compared to +60 percent in the past survey done in December 2018.

His most recent ratings now ties with his personal high in June 2017 in the midst of war in Marawi between the government and Daesh-inspired group. This rating is classified by SWS as “very good”.

The survey proves that Filipinos, with the advent of technology, are now more critical with the information being shared to the World Wide Web and are not just dependent with what is fed to them. They are now able to verify the facts; thus, they are not easily swayed by online information.

Thank you for your belief and trust to the efforts of the President to make our nation better.

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