PSG troopers deployed early for SONA 2019

PSG troopers deployed early for SONA 2019

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) troopers are now deployed at Batasan Complex to impose their tight security for the State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2019 which will happen in a few hours.

Areas in and around the venue have been thoroughly inspected by PSG Troopers specifically by the Security Task Action Groups (STAGs) and Sub-Task Groups (STGs) along with the augmented security forces deployed on the ground.

SONA 2019 Task Force Commander COLONEL FERDINAND B NAPULI PA have also been closely monitoring the activities in and around the area to ensure that no single threat will occur. PSG was recognized by the House of Representatives Sergeant-at-Arms MGEN ROMEO PRESTOZA AFP (RET) as the main implementor of security for SONA 2019.

PSG Commander BGEN JOSE ERIEL M NIEMBRA AFP urges the people to be vigilant on their sorroundings as SONA takes place. He mentioned in his statement, “We ask the public for their cooperation and understanding while we strictly implement our security measures for the success of the President’s SONA.”

Thousands of AFP, PNP and other government security personnel are also deployed near the venue to watch on the safety of the people.

BGEN NIEMBRA AFP further said, “Our PSG troopers are now more than ready to perform its mandate together with its augmented units from other government security forces that are also deployed on the ground to secure the safety of everyone, including those who are critical of the government.” This is the fourth time President Rodrigo Roa Duterte will deliver his annual SONA.

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