PSG personnel on outside duty, COVID-positive

PSG personnel on outside duty, COVID-positive

Upon confirmation with PSG Task Force COVID-19, there are eight PSG personnel who tested positive for COVID-19 who are assigned at the Office of Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea. The Executive Secretary initially tested negative.


The said personnel to include two officers and six enlisted personnel, are on outside duty and did not have any close contact with the President.


PSG also assures the public of the President’s safety despite the situation as we continually implement the strict health protocols to our personnel and their dependents to guarantee that the President is safe and healthy.


Further, PSG personnel who are assigned to the President are consistently being tested for COVID-19 and are billeted on a separate quarters to ensure that they do not become the threats, themselves.


PSG remains steadfast in being a 360-degree shield for the President and the seat of central power in the country.



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