PRRD Inaugurates PSG Station Hospital

PRRD Inaugurates PSG Station Hospital

Malacañang Park, Manila — November 10, 2021. The newly constructed Presidential Security Group Station Hospital (PSGSH).was inaugurated by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the incumbency of COL RANDOLPH G CABANGBANG MNSA (INF) PA as Group Commander, PSG together with the top leadership of MELCO and DMCI.

This state-of-the-art health care facility is for the Chief Executive and for the PSG Troopers who are performing a unique and important role of providing safety and security to the highest seat of government. Truly a showcase of a world-class PSG.

As President Duterte said on his speech, “I am pleased to join the Presidential Security Group, my fellow workers in government and all partners from the private sector as we gather for the inauguration of the PSG Station Hospital. Truly this is a proud day for all of us. Congratulations to the PSG Officials for the success of this project. I commend you and your partners for working hard to making the PSG Hospital a reality.”

“The construction of this medical facility is admirable especially amid the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic. This will greatly benefit PSG personnel, their dependents, and other primary stakeholders,” he noted.

The PSG Station Hospital is a two-storey building with a spacious roof deck. The grandeur design of its ground floor and the second-floor projects extensive planning preparations and meticulous arrangements of its offices, prayer room, access areas, medical, dental, hospital rooms, and VIP rooms which are fully air-conditioned with elegant interior design.

Most of its medical equipment and other life support systems are modern with its supply systems embedded in the facility including electrical and communication linings which shows a neat look inside, complete with an elevator. Likewise, power interruption is not much of a problem when an emergency arises as these are two units of 500 KVA generator which is automatically operated. A Sewage Treatment Plant is also put up to comply with the environmental laws. In addition, a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Chamber System that is separately housed for health and wellness purposes and another feature. One of the many benefits of Hyperbaric Treatment is its capacity to increase oxygen concentration in the body tissues, even with reduced or block blood flow; it stimulates the growth of new blood vessels to locations with reduced circulation and improves blood flow to areas with arterial blockage. Presently, only the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa has the same facility.

The PSG Station Hospital was conceptualized and commenced during the leadership of BGEN JOSE ERIEL M NIEMBRA PA and completed during the term of BGEN JESUS P DURANTE III PA. The facility was generously donated by MELCO Resort (Philippines) Foundation Corporation and constructed by DMCI.

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