THE ARMY EOD: Ordinary People Facing Extraordinary Circumstances

EOD Technician — This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. One of the few jobs that will put you in a situation where you can experience fear, bravery, satisfaction, and pride all in one mission.

We are ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. We get trained extremely well, and that gives us the confidence to do the job that needs to be done. We are few; some call us a crazy bunch, but we do our best to demonstrate courage, honor, and self-sacrifice in all we do.

1st Explosive Ordnance Disposal Platoon, 1EODC, EODB, ASCOM, PA headed by CPT NONIE M RUIZAL is continuing its mandated mission in providing EOD technical support to the Presidential Security Group in securing the President of the republic in all places of engagement, the first family, visiting head of states and other foreign dignitaries.

EOD Technicians from this unit play vital role in VIPP operations; we have three (3) EOD Technicians attached to Presidential Escort (PE) who are an integral part of close-in detail acting as Bomb Blanket carrier with the mission of protecting the President against IED attacks, grenade throwing and other explosive related hostile acts that might endanger the President. Other EOD Technicians gave technical support during STAG operations; Billet/Office Security, Airport/Aircraft Security, Route and Area Security, through the conduct of Intensive Search prior the actual engagement of the President to ensure the safety of the VIP against hazards post by explosives.

1st EOD platoon also contributes in the enhancement of skills of PSG Troopers as VIP protectors through the conduct of Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance Agent Training (EORAT) and Improvised Explosive Device Recognition and Safety Awareness Seminar (IEDRSAS) in order to improve the overall security readiness by expanding knowledge on improvised explosive devices (IED’s), identification of explosives and the hazards of the UXO/IED and initial safety measures prior EOD response in order to counter current threats for the protection of personnel and property.

Personnel of this unit express our heartfelt gratitude to the command headed by BGEN ROLANDO JOSELITO D BAUTISTA, AFP for the untiring support extended to this unit as OPCON unit both in administrative and Operation that makes the unit active in performing its mission in support to the PSG mission.

Likewise, we gave our sincerest thanks to CPT NORREL C ALOG (OS) PA, Commanding Officer 1EODC, and to our beloved Battalion Commander, ‘KING CRAB” COL ROGELIO D ULANDAY OS (GSC) PA, for the continuous active support and guidance in maintaining the unit on the right track in performing excellent job.

And finally we as EOD Technician of this unit offer our sincerest gratitude to the supreme architect of the universe for always keeping us safe in every danger that we face.

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