CI-AUF brings China in PSG

In a year, our ties with China have been surprisingly strengthened through President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s initiative.

Now, it is Presidential Security Group’s turn, too. Last 11 July, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed inside PSG Headquarters between PSG and Confucian Institute of Angeles University Foundation (CI-AUF) through PSG Commander BGEN LOPE C DAGOY and AUF President DR JOSEPH E.L. ANGELES.

The ceremonial MOU signing was followed by exchanging of tokens and cultural show in which CI-AUF students and teachers showcased their skills in dancing traditional Chinese dance and Wushu.

There was also an exhibit by CI-AUF where our PSG troopers, led by BGEN DAGOY, were able to experience China without leaving the PSG premises. Chinese traditional tea, calligraphy, and knot and papercutting were all in a room for them to personally observe how these are done.

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