Gov’t urges public cooperation for peace

Whilst all people involve themselves in social media on the current situation of Marawi City and its people, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) ask for public cooperation for peace in our nation through responsible social media usage.

It is true that our sisters and brothers in Mindanao, particularly in City of Marawi, are now being disturbed by local terrorist group Maute, the battlefield of this incident expands in social media as people begin sharing horrific photos and videos allegedly taken from the area.

How does it affect our lives as Filipinos albeit our absence in the area? Because of social media, everyone now is entitled to give his/her own opinion on every trending issue. And our road to peace not only in Mindanao but in our entire nation must highly be participated by everyone.

AFP and PNP are asking social media users to refrain from posting and spreading unverified information on the situation at Marawi. Why so? The terrorists’ aim on their heartless activities is to mainly frighten the Filipino people with their presence. And by posting such unverified information, photos, and videos, we are somehow being used by them as a channel to achieve their goal.

These extremists know no bounds and we as responsible citizens of our nation must never let ourselves be affected nor used by them. Moreover, it has been emphasized and reiterated that people involved in these attacks to our fellow Filipinos are members of Maute group and not the ISIS. The reason they are acting like ISIS is because they want to be recognized by ISIS.

Now, think again. When we post and share contents depicting violence and chaos, we are just making ourselves be their channels to success. As a social media user and as a loyal citizen of the Republic of the Philippines, isn’t it just right not to help them be feared by the Filipinos and recognized by ISIS?

Let us instead share inspiring and positive posts that would block their evil motives. Let us unite with the government. And let us all aim for peace.


Photo credit to Police Community Relations Group

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