MESSAGE | Lt. Gen. Eduardo M Año

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) congratulates every trooper of the Presidential Security Group for their numerous successes in carrying out their hefty responsibilities credited to their unyielding professionalism and dedication to duty.

The Presidential Security Group has been keen in reaffirming their quality service in ensuring the safety of the President of the Philippines, the First Family, and other important dignitaries of the country. The republic stands well-fortified under the incumbency of the current President all due to the individuals in the PSG who vow to protect the Seat of Government at all costs.

In the year that has passed, we have witnessed the responsibilities of the Chief Executive be transferred from one person to another. Notwithstanding, the transition of leadership, the Group’s commitment remains solid and impregnable, proving their deep-rooted allegiance to their mandate and not to any particulars.

Therefore, the AFP highly salutes the Presidential Security Group for their tireless efforts in proving the veracity of their courage, valor, and patriotism.

Congratulations PSG! Continue making us proud!

Lieutant General AFP

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