PSG celebrates Independence Day with PRRD

Our PSG troopers, spearheaded by BGEN LOPE C DAGOY AFP, were joined by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in a boodlefight prior to the celebration of the 119th Independence Day.

The whole Command assigned in Davao City gathered altogether for a boodlefight to symbolize unity and camaraderie among our troopers.

Special Assistant to the President Christopher Lawrence Go and Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mia Reyes-Lucas also joined the momentous dinner.

The Presidential Security Group (PSG), known as Escortas in its early years, has been protecting the President of our Republic since 1897, a year before the declaration of the Philippine Independence from American forces.

Securing the safety of the President by then Escortas, was an essential tool in acquiring the freedom of the Philippines—because his safety meant safety of the Filipino nation as well. Since then, the institution comprised by highly trained and well-equipped men to protect the leader of our nation, PSG has always been behind every President’s safety and security.

Photo credit to Presidential Communication Operations Office (PCOO)

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