PSG Transformation Roadmap 2022: A Road for the Better

The Presidential Security Group (PSG) underwent a two-day seminar-workshop for Transformation Roadmap 2022 on 10-11 July 2017.

The seminar-workshop facilitated by personnel from Armed Forces of the Philippines General Headquarters aimed to help the Command in accomplishing its Transformation Roadmap 2022 smoothly.

It was attended by officers, men and women, and civilian employees of PSG who participated  actively in brainstorming as they try to formulate the new transformation roadmap, a strategic plan to where PSG wants to be in the next five years. And because PSG is under the AFP, it was also set to be in line with the AFP Transformation Roadmap.

With the seminar-workshop held at Malacañang Park have help the personnel in making it a more defined and strategic plan that is feasible within five years.

“This, as a start, is a good opportunity for us to make amends in what we normally fail in our previous duties that we have in hand,” PSG Commander BGEN LOPE C DAGOY said.

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