PSG Trooper salutes to his son

March 12, 2023 (Baguio City) - Congratulations to PSG Trooper son 2nd Lt. Aldrin Jay Pilor!

Among 167 graduates of the Philippine Military Academy Salaknib Class of 2017, 2nd Lt. Pilor is now the apple of every PSG Trooper’s eye for being the only cadet from Malacañang Park compound.

Raised in a community trained in protecting the President of the Republic, 2nd Lt. Pilor considers being a PSG Trooper as his calling. It is a dream come true for young Pilor to be like his father, MSg. Godofredo Pilor, albeit his parents discouraged him to enter the military service.

According to him, “Both my parents would not want me to be a soldier, especially my father. Maybe because he knows the hardships of a soldier and did not want me to experience the same. But this is where I belong. This is my calling.”

Prior to entering the Philippine Military Academy, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree in Centro Escolar University based on what his parents wanted him to be, a civilian professional. He is also a board passer in his field  but when he started working to practice what he studied for four long years in the university, he felt it was not what he really wanted. He wanted to be a protector, not just of his family, but the whole Filipino nation.

All of his hardships and sacrifices paid off yesterday when he received his Bachelor of Science degree in PMA. And even when his father contradicted his decision to be a soldier at first, MSg. Pilor must be the proudest father among the PSG Troopers this day.

Now that he is a graduate of the academe, he said, “I am now fully equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to serve our country. I know, there are bigger responsibilities in my hands now compared when I was a cadet but I know with the help of my inspirations, my family and our Almighty Lord, I will never fail.”

He is now on high hopes to be a PSG Trooper, as this is the main reason why he entered the academe: to protect the most most important person in the country. It is such a great honor for him to be one.

Mrs. Luzviminda Pilor, his mother, was teary-eyed when she said how proud and happy she really is with what his son has achieved. His proud father, finally then, gave him the first salute as a soldier.

2 thoughts on “PSG Trooper salutes to his son

  • MSg. Godofredo Pilor: Good day, Sir! (Salutes)

    2nd Lt. Aldrin Jay Pilor: Good day, too. (Salutes) then takes the hand of his father and says, Mano po, tay.

    The two soldiers’ Respect, Politeness and Professionalism at its finest. Wow!


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