The PSG Dental Dispensary is committed to provide quality dental care for its clientele. The unit strives to ensure that every PSG trooper is in excellent oral health every time he or she is detailed as part of the security team in protecting the Chief Executive of the land. As such the PSG Dental Dispensary is in the process of modernization in order to be able to enhance its level of service by being able to deliver the latest advancements in quality dental care to its patients.

Enhancing the capability of PSG Dental Dispensary is inevitable as the organization is set to continue in fulfilling its mission and various courses of action are taken. In line with this, we are pursuing transformation for patient’s satisfaction and achieving to meet our organizational outcome, “A highly effective dental dispensary” and “Capable of providing quality dental treatment” through the advancement of modern technology. With these, the PSG Dental Dispensary is able to bring more quality dental services and improved level of care.

Thus, resulting to sustain dentally fit PSG personnel in support to overall PSG mission.

Upgrade of Facilities and Equipment
The recent improvements at the Dental Dispensary are part and parcel for its quest for excellence: repainting of the VIP Treatment Room; renovation of the Female Comfort Room to support the Gender Awareness Development Sensitivity Program; renovation of the Office Administrative Section to ensure orderliness; and the much needed overhauling with repairs of Dental chairs. Certainly the Dental Dispensary Unit looks forward to being able to render unparalled dental service in ensuring that every PSG Trooper is dentally fit.

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