PRRD promotes world peace

PRRD promotes world peace

The ASEAN celebration for its golden anniversary in Manila, Philippines has paved the way for ASEAN Chairman President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to talk to delegates from all around the globe.

Yesterday, President Duterte met all foreign ministers of participating countries right after the program held at THE Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

He congratulated all ASEAN members for the fifty-year friendship in the region AND reminded THE foreign ministers of ASEAN countries to continue harnessing the existing friendship and close ties among nations. He said to his fellow ASEAN members, “We are with you as one.”

Moreover, PRRD had a meeting with eleven (11) more Foreign Ministers of countries partnered with ASEAN. In their private conversation, he expressed his gratitude to these countries that have been constantly supporting the ASEAN region to promote stronger economy.

Further, Japan Foreign Minister expressed their government’s interest to provide assistance for disaster management to the Philippines as well as reiterated their Prime Minister’s invitation for President Duterte to visit Japan, all of which were deeply appreciated by the President.

They unanimously commended his efforts in neutralizing crime, corruption, and terrorism. President Duterte responded saying, “Thanks for your cooperation in making the world peaceful.” He reiterated his hard stance against world war and encouraged everyone to take part in bringing holistic world peace.

Other participants also appreciated Filipino hospitality for our warm hosting of ASEAN Summits 2017 and its 50th Anniversary.

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