Celebrating Christmas, The PSG Way

It is the time of the year for merriment and thanksgiving at the PSG when troopers are reunited with friends and family.

The following units celebrated their respective Christmas parties with the Group Commander, BGEN ROLANDO JOSELITO D BAUTISTA AFP as Guest of Honor:

  • Joint party for OGC, ODC, OCS, OG1, IG, JAGO, PROVO and the Adjutant Office:
  • The Special Reaction Unit (SRU) at the SRU Area;
  • The Headquarters’ and Headquarters Service Battalion (HHsBn) at the EP Clubhouse;
  • PSG Station Hospital at the hospital area.

The Group Commander acknowledged the presence of the Troopers’ families. His message emphasized the importance of spending time with families and he highlighted that Christmas is indeed for children. The Troopers’ children joined the parlor games and received gifts from the command.

PSG Command Boodlefight with PRRD

The Christmas spirit overflowed in the Command as we celebrated the season with a ceremonial boodlefight. A boodlefight is the military tradition of eating toge- ther with the food set on top of a table using bare hands. PRRD graced the boodlefight, which took place at the Grandstand on December 19, 2016. Organic and OPCON units of the PSG participated in this event. The program was hosted by the “PSG Dynamic Duo”, CAPT ALDOUS CHRISTOPHER DG TAMAYO and LT GINO PAOLO Y GOROY PN, who facilitated the parlor games, handing-out of gifts and raffle prizes, and announcing the winners for the Parol and Belen making contest.

Before the boodlefight, Group Commander, BGEN ROLANDO D BAUTISTA AFP reminded everyone to remember the poor: “As we celebrate Christmas, let us remember those who have now and those who are in need.”

Ceremonial guest of honor, PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE called on the PSG to keep their loyalty to the Constitution and the Philippine flag.

Former Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman, Francis Tolentino, also participated in the event where he gave free tickets for the Metro Manila Film Fest. Gifts were sponsored by Pilipinong May Puso Foundation Inc., chaired by Ms. Rowena Velasco.

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