Who is the Strongest of Them All?


As the Presidential Security Group’s (PSG) first in history, the 24-Hour Squad Challenge was organized by the PSG Training School (PSGTS), and conducted last June 19 and 20, 2018 as a pre-anniversary activity. This is a competition of pure brawn, as the participating teams competed against each other on different rigorous and physically toiling courses. The teams consisted of the various Organic and OpCon Units of the (PSG).

As its name implies, the challenge started at 4 am for the first day, and ended at 6 am the next day. The courses that the teams faced include; Physical Fitness Test, Swimming, Basic Pistol Proficiency Firing, Basic Driving, Pistol Relay Firing, 100 meters 1-Man Carry, Endurance “Rifle” Firing, Night Firing, Dress Drill, Truck Pushing, Rifle and Pistol Assembly and Disassembly, and 15-Km 16 Kgs Rucksack March.

The Special Reaction Unit (SRU) emerged as the winner. The SRU Team was led by LT JEFFERSON V NAVAL PN, who willingly shared how they managed to stay on top, “As a challenge that equally demands physical strength and a powerful mind set, thorough preparation is needed. The first step is to create a grand strategy in order to achieve the objective to win. Being assigned in SRU entails high expectation from fellow Troopers that is why the pressure is high. We have to set the standard. Our strategy includes meticulous selection of team members, proper and positive mind setting, designing the appropriate training and strictly implementing it and putting God first in all that we do.”, he said.

SRU Team was followed by the Presidential Escorts led by LCDR REY ARGEE JABONETE PN and the 81st Special Action Company led by PSI AGMON ARCA D ALARCIO PNP as the third place.
The winners will be sent to a foreign training as their reward– a good way to further enhance their skills necessary to become better VIP protectors. Another pride is the extra bragging rights to be called as the strongest among the PSG Troopers.

However, despite the 24-Hour Challenge being a competition, it ultimately showcased the sportsmanship of the troops and further intensified their camaraderie. Besides, PSG Troopers’ duty always requires teamwork and it is essential in the successful performance and accomplishment of PSG’s mandate.

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