PSG troopers partake in Manila Bay rehab

PSG troopers partake in Manila Bay rehab

PSG troopers were on high energy as they always are early Saturday morning. But it was different. Some of them did not wake up to perform their usual role as protectors of the President.

They were all geared up but not with their radios nor guns. Instead, they put on their masks and hand gloves to operate on a mission which MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim calls as “Herculean task” or as how the netizens refer to it as #BattleForManilaBay.

This was a voluntary action by the Command to show support for the political will and firm stance of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in fighting environmental degradation as well as to save our natural tourist sceneries that attract people around the globe.

It was joined by officers and enlisted personnel of PSG as well as civilian employees, dependents, and friends of the Command.

Kudos to PSG for not only protecting the President but supporting his programs and advocacies as well.

Let us help win this battle for Manila Bay. Let us join hands to save our environment.

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