Aboitiz turns over The Bread Camp at PSG

Aboitiz turns over The Bread Camp at PSG

Troopers and dependents of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) do not need to go out of the Malacañang Park premises to taste freshly baked breads as The Bread Camp finally opened last 21 February 2019.

The bakery was a donation by Aboitiz Equity Ventures in partnership with the officers, men and women of PSG Command. Said project intends to assist the dependents of PSG troopers in business operations and management.

The name “The Bread Camp” also came from one of the contestants who joined the Name-Our-Bakery Contest in accordance with the top choice by both Aboitiz and PSG heads.

According to TSg Laarni F Obias PA, who submitted the winning entry, “A bakery inside the camp. As precise as it is, The Bread Camp is simply a bakery that offers fresh and healthy choices for PSG troopers and their families inside the camp. Additionally, it also implies that the variety of bread being served at The Bread Camp is also grouped as a camp with a uniformly distinguished taste especially offered for the PSG troopers.”

Heads of both Aboitiz Equity Ventures and Presidential Security Group were all present during the opening of the bakery as support to the Enlisted Personnel Ladies’ Club who are fully in-charge of The Bread Camp operations.

The bakery, which offers a wide array of freshly baked goodies, is now officially open to serve our PSG troopers. This is your bread-next-door, The Bread Camp.

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