Official Statement: PSG enforces security protocols at SONA 2019

MAKABAYAN bloc has repeatedly staged lightning rallies in past SONAs, thereby disrespecting the event. As usual, they capitalize on current issues as cover to catch the media’s attention, infuse their political interest and ultimately embarrass the President.

PSG’s mandate is to protect the President from harm and embarrassment.  For this particular event, PSG does not allow such scenario to happen to our President who works very hard for the betterment of our country and people. They have no reason to do such actions inside the plenary hall. There are proper venues to express democratic rights through their organized rallies which they can freely exercise.

The MAKABAYAN bloc knew their props are unsuitable as they were hidden inside their bags. They only wore it when they were halfway the red carpet and hid them back in Rep. Elago’s bag after the media took photos of them. Only two of their sashes were held as they contain explicit messages inappropriate for the event. The PSG trooper on duty did not take any fan or barong from them. This is in contrary to the claims of Ms. Brosas and Mr. Gaite that their fan and barong, respectively, were also taken by PSG troopers.

Their rights were respected since they were not prohibited from attending the SONA. In fact, Rep. Elago and others were still able to wear their attire inside the plenary.

Moreover, KABATAAN Partylist is unfair in using a PSG trooper’s photo who was just conducting a standard security inspection for their confiscation claim. The said trooper was just doing his job of ensuring that everyone is protected and safe inside the House of Representatives (HOR) building during the SONA including Makabayan bloc representatives themselves.

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