Fortifying a Functioning Logistics System

Leaders win through LOGISTICS. Vision, sure. Strategy, yes. But when you go to war, you need to have both toilet paper and bullets at the right place at the right time. In other words, you must win through superior logistics.” – Tom Peters

Not undermining the importance of strategy and tactics, looking back at history, it is not difficult to prove that battles have been won or lost primarily because of logistics. Remember how Napoleon failed in Russia in 1812? It was believed that the main reason for the campaign’s failure was logistics.

Fast forward to the present day, PSG joins President Rody R. Duterte (PRRD) in his commitment to bring real CHANGE to our country. As a PARTNER FOR CHANGE, PSG took the initiative to bring CHANGE first within its organization to better serve the President and the seat of the government.

One of these CHANGES is fortifying a function logistics system.

After the inauguration of PRRD in July, PSG has adopted several changes in its protective security operation. The President’s set-up of governing the country is totally different from those he has succeeded. With the resources available and the operational mission on hand, a shift was made in the planning and carrying out of the movement and maintenance of forces.

PSG Davao Station

One of the challenges PSG met at the start of President’s term was his preference of regularly go home to Davao City. The office of Logistics was barraged with numerous logistical challenges from troop’s organizational support, to facilities, to mobility and FOL. The said set-up compels replication of what we have in Manila in Davao City. Working on the principles of primacy of operational requirements, sufficiency and efficiency; PSG through the Office of Logistics was able to withstand these logistical challenges.

Realignment and reallocation of funds were requested to conform with the prevailing security operation requirements of the new administration. In a span of five months, loaned bare facilities in Davao City were transformed into personnel barracks and offices; said barracks were equipped with basic furniture and fixtures necessary to make it livable; significant number of mobility assets were transported from Manila to Davao City to form part of the Presidential Convoy; appropriate amount of fuel, oil and lubricants allocation were transferred to Davao City; pistols with basic load of ammunition and basic troops organizational support were issued to newly assigned personnel such as athletic uniforms, barong and smart casual attire.

Logistics is not confined to the provision of Mission Essential Equipment and Facilities. It is also of equal importance that different projects and activities supporting the family, morale, welfare and recreational needs of personnel are undertaken to accomplish the mission.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

This proverb may have rung in one’s ear many times, but one surely will never get tired of its truthful nature.

The leadership, finding it paramount for its personnel to take time off from work once in a while, pursued several repairs and improvements of recreational facilities such as the Officers’ Club House.

The Officers’ Club House underwent a total makeover making it a great dining facility to officers and their guests aside from it now the equivalent of Manila’s Valkyrie and Prive.

“Physical fitness is the cornerstone of combat readiness.”

Any protective security operation requires a humongous amount of energy from its personnel. As protectors of no less than the President, personnel are expected to maintain a high level of fitness during deployment to ensure endurance during the said operations.

To complement the regular physical training and encourage participation in sports, the repair and maintenance of the gymnasium was given high priority. The renovation of the gymnasium was completed in September 2016 in coordination with the office of the President’s Engineering Division.

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