Opening and Blessing Ceremony of Post Laundry at PSG

To ensure the security of the President, the first family and visiting heads of state is the main role of the PSG troop. Such tasks could be left unfulfilled without maximum attention from the PSG themselves as most of them are overworked with other personal activities.
As part of its effort to reduce the workload, Group Commander, Brigadier General Ramon P Zagala PA led the opening and blessing ceremony of the post laundry at Headquarters, PSG last February 01, 2023.
The post laundry is equipped with a place to wash and dry the PSG’s uniforms they wear on a day to day basis.
This has been the base concept and project of the Command to provide multiple services in one frame especially during and after engagements outside the camp to help the troops lessen their workload and to merely focus on its aim; to protect the first family that protects the whole country.
With all the PSG unbothered with some other tasks outside their scope, is a PSG always ready to serve the nation.  🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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